OK! the head is done so far

i may and am adding a few more things ( glowing eyes/ eye patch )

it still looks crappy in person tho…


Sketch commission for schuenator!



Sketch commission for schuenator!





together at last

excuse me i have something important 2 add



hes here


~*~Vicious Cosplay is Now Taking Wig Commissions!~*~

As of now, my bf and I are plotting to move from our current apartment. With the way we’d like it plotted out, I could really use the extra cash to help stabilize the move. For a long time I’d been wanting to do this, but finally decided- why the hell not :) It’ll give me some nice needed practice too!

When it comes to costume wigs, I find myself confident to do the following: color dying, massive curls, curly or wavy wigs, spikes, high ponytails, and interesting hairlines!

Buyer Requirements:

  • Timeline must be more than 2 weeks, depending on style, since this includes shipping supplies to and from wig supplier and to the buyer 
  • Buyer pays for the following: All materials (wig, any additional supplies such as dyes, excess sprays, ect), wig head for delivery (I buy in bulk so it will be low cost), shipping, and wages to Vicious Cosplay
  • If you are looking at baseline wig costs, look at EpicCosplay, as I will purchasing there almost exclusively due to trust in product and ease of working with it. Arda Wigs will be my secondary choice. Note: I will not go looking for wigs from Asia due to time, as well as being unsure of the quality of product and it’s use.
  • Payments will be done as followed (unless otherwise stated): Cost of materials as downpayment, first half at halfway point, and final half w/ shipping costs at end before sending wig
  • Buyer will be expected to measure own head in wig cap for proper sizing of wighead (I will send directions on what I need)
  • Buyer will be expected to find as many references of character as possible for creation. (If you force me to google/screenshot YouTube, I will add it to the cost of my time)

What Does Vicious Provide?

  • An estimate of both cost of wig creation, and timeline. Shipping costs can be debated afterwords
  • If we purchase from EpicCosplay, I have almost every swatch available to which I can show in alternate lighting for the best color match!
  • A contract between Buyer and Vicious will be made that spells out costs, payment plans, and dates of upkeep. This to protect both parties from flakiness
  • Pictures of your wig will be posted up on my WIP blog for you to follow and keep updated on with your cosplay page attached to each post
  • A final set of pictures with many angles to ensure you like your product on a human head. If wished: I will host a google hangout for you to see the wig live :)
  • A custom sized wig head based on your measurements which you could potentially use to style future wigs for yourself!
  • And of course, your wig! Plus any notes on upkeep and taking care of it after stress of usage

So are you interested in getting a quote? 
Email me at! Please attach any references, your potential budget, and the absolute last day to which you’ll need this wig for.


Last Night I Had a Dream About You - Interstella 5555

Ah yes! My beloved Stella cosplay from San Japan! Initially this was for Daft Punk’s Crescendolls group but half the members couldnt make it so since I worked so hard, Arpegius and I decided to go ahead and do a photoshoot anyways.. This cosplay means a lot to me because not only am I actually a bassist, but Daft Punk has been one of my favorites since before I can remember <3 Hopefully someday we can unite the entire band!!
Photos and bottom image editing by: x 


purr box

purrt locker

Or he got rid of the thing that prevents him from sleeping

Or he got rid of the thing that prevents him from sleeping


I did mention that I’m a sucker for good splices right

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Kusuriuri / Photography / Cosvision 2014